Product Questions

What is Wrap-A-Loc?

Wrapaloc is a curler/rod/roller a hair styling tool that gives your locs or natural hair a very tight spiral curl pattern/style.

How does the tool work?

A couple of locs are wrapped around each tool.There are tutorial videos on the Wrapaloc website on how to apply the tool.

How many colors does the Wrap-A-Loc Tool come in?

Currently, the tools are only available in black.

Does the tool have heating properties?

No. After the tool is applied to the hair, you can elect to sit under the hair dryer to expedite the set.

Can the tool be used on Sisterlocks?

Yes, Wrapaloc can be used on sisterlocks. When applying the tool to sisterlocks, you can wrap 5-6 locs on one tool.

Will the tool work on natural unlocked hair?

Yes. The tool can be applied to all hair types of natural, relaxed/permed or naturally straight hair.

How many Wrap-A-Loc packs are needed?

On average 2 packs (40 tools) for one head.

How long does it take to do the Wrap-A-Loc?

Time will vary depending on the length of hair and number of individual locs. On the average, it takes about two hours.

Can the tool be applied to hair extensions?

Yes, it is applicable to “human” or synthetic hair extensions.

Is the tool reusable?

Yes, the tool can be used multiple times.

Does the tool have to be applied by a hair stylist?

No, the tool can be applied by anyone following the written instructions included in each package.

How many locs can be used per tool?

You can wrap 2-3 locs on each tool depending on the thickness of your locs.

What size Wrapaloc should I purchase ?

To purchase the correct size tool please view our buying guide.

When traveling with Wrapaloc in my hair, would there be any problems with the TSA?

The Wrapaloc tools do have a metal wire inside however, there shouldn’t be any problems with TSA. If the metal detectors do go off you would not be required to remove your tools

Order Questions

Do you wholesale your products?

Yes we do. To purchase our products wholesale, please fill out our application by clicking the link below:

When will my order be shipped and how long will it take to arrive?

Shipping takes place Monday- Friday and it may take 3-7 days for delivery. You will receive an email with tracking information when your order is shipped.

 I bought your product on Amazon and want to exchange.

You will need to contact the Amazon distributor from whom you purchased your products regarding their exchange policy.

Can I exchange the Wrapaloc for another size?

Yes, you can exchange the Wrapaloc size. To begin the exchange process, please click the link below. Upon receipt of the returned item(s), you will receive an invoice for the product cost difference and shipping.

How can I cancel my order?

If the order was placed within the past 24 hours,  you may be able to cancel by sending an email to and include your order number. A $10 cancellation fee applies regardless of order status. However, if the order has been shipped you can follow our return process for a refund.

How do I request a refund?

A refund will be issued after receipt and evaluation of the returned product(s). Please be advised that additional fees may apply for product restocking and shipping. Here is the link for our return process.

Shipping Questions

Can I pick up my order? 

Yes, our headquarters is in Atlanta, GA. Online orders can be picked up at this location Monday-Friday 10am-6pm and Saturdays 10am- 3pm. Our address is 600 Bronner Brothers Way SW, Atlanta, GA 30310.

Do you offer express 1 business day shipping?

Orders received before 2pm Monday -friday are eligible for express shipping. Orders placed after that time or over the weekend will be shipped the next business day.

Are customs fees, duties, and taxes included in the shipping cost for international shipments?

No, customs fees, duties, and taxes are not included in the shipping cost. Customers should be prepared to pay these charges, which are determined by the destination country's customs authorities.

I did not receive my package. I got a notification my package was delivered but nothing was in my mailbox or at my doorstep. What should I do?

Please check with your local post office or the carrier service provider. 

I just received my order, but some items were missing or the wrong item. How do I get what I ordered?

Please email photos of the items received to: