• For hair length up to 6 inches

    Wrap-A-Loc 20 Pack
    3 inch tool - 7.62cm
    Size: Small

  • For hair length up to 12 inches

    Wrap-A-Loc 20 Pack
    6 inch tool - 15.24cm
    Size: Medium

  • For hair length up to 20 inches

    Wrap-A-Loc 20 Pack
    10 inch tool - 25.4cm
    Size: Large



The tool is soft and bendable. Twenty styling tools come in packages sized small (3 inches), medium (6 inches), or large (10 inches). The size tool used depends on the length of hair.


The tool can be applied to natural, relaxed, and pressed hair.
When using on unloc'd hair, two-strand twist the hair, then wrap the twists around the tool (approx. 40-80 tools).


Hair can dry naturally or under a hairdryer. The tool can be applied at any time, which means that your hairstyle can change at any time. No waiting. No hassle.

Easy Application

Both stylists and individuals can apply Wrap-A-Loc and achieve beautiful styles. The tool can be applied to wet hair or used with our holding spray or styling gel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wrap-A-Loc?

Wrap-A-Loc is a hair styling tool (similar to a roller/rod) that creates spirals, curls and waves on the hair.

How does the tool work?

The hair is wrapped around one Wrap-A-Loc tool.

How many colors does the Wrap-A-Loc Tool come in?

Currently, it's only available in black.

Does the tool have heating properties?

No. After the tool is applied to the hair, you can elect to sit under the hair dryer to expedite the set.

Can the tool be used on Sisterlocks?

Yes, The tool is ideal for all types of locs.

Will the tool work on natural unlocked hair?

Yes. The tool can be applied to all hair types of natural, relaxed/permed or naturally straight hair.

How many Wrap-A-Loc packs are needed?

On average 2 packs (40 tools) for one head.

How long does it take to do the Wrap-A-Loc?

Time will vary depending on the length of hair and number of individual locs. On the average, it takes about two hours.

Can the tool be applied to hair extensions?

Yes, it is applicable to “human” or synthetic hair extensions.

Is the tool reusable?

Yes, the tool can be used multiple times.

Does the tool have to be applied by a hair stylist?

No, the tool can be applied by anyone following the written instructions included in each package.