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Nappy Is Not A Bad Word ūü§¨

Our history as a people (Afrikan) has shown the world over and over how strong and resilient we are as a people! The topic of hair - kinky, coily, nappy, or curly brings controversy, pain, joy, and laughter. I recently found myself laughing through the pages of Nappyism Affirmations for Nappy-headed People and Wannabes! By Linda "Mosetta" Jones. This book is one of the many hair books in my library that gives historical awareness to one of the most unique characteristics of our identity.


According to Jones, this book is¬†a¬†potpourri of affirmations and essays, jokes, and anecdotes to inspire those who have or are thinking about taking the natural hair journey. Here are¬†a¬†few of the Snap-Backs ‚Äď Quick and witty responses to ignorant comments about your hair.




Comment: "You need a touch-up."
Snap Back: "You need a beat down?"

Comment: "Your hair is so nappy!"
Snap Back: "You say that to say what?"

Comment: "You need to get rid of that natural and get a perm."
Snap Back: "My natural is permanent. Your perm isn't natural."

Comment: "Do you wash your hair?"
Snap Back: "What a coincidence. I've always wondered whether you washed yours but felt it would be too rude to ask."

Comment: "I could never go natural. I'm not brave enough."
Snap Back: "It's not about bravery. It's about freedom."

Comment: "What happened to your hair?"

Snap Back: "It decided to stop pretending."


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