Hair-story: Facts About the Bronner Brothers

Hair-story: Facts About the Bronner Brothers

We're continuing the next installment of our Roots of Strength Series by highlighting the Bronner Brothers and their family legacy in the Black Hair Care Industry.

Here are some facts about the Bronner Brothers:


  1. In 1947, Dr. Nathaniel H. Bronner, Sr. and his brother, Arthur E. Bronner, Sr. (the original Bronner Brothers) with the assistance of their sister, Emma Bronner began teaching cosmetologists at the Butler Street YMCA in Atlanta, Georgia.As a result, the first Bronner Bros. A Trade Show was born, with around 300 people in attendance.
  2. The 2023 mid-Spring Bronner Bros. Hair Show will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana, celebrating its 77th year. This is the biggest multiracial beauty expo in the nation, where thousands of hair professionals and beauty enthusiasts come together to attend instructional seminars, shop at a variety of vendors, and watch extravagant competitions.
  3. The Bronner Bros. Enterprise is one of the largest privately owned producers of hair and skin care products for African Americans in the US employing over 300 people full- and part-time. The corporate headquarters is in Atlanta, Georgia 
  4. Since 2017, Wrap-A-Loc Products Inc.'s corporate headquarters has been housed at the historic Bronner Bros. building on Bronner Brothers Way in Atlanta, GA



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