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Celebrating Black History Month: Wrapaloc's Legacy of Innovation - wrapaloc

Celebrating Black History Month: Wrapaloc's Legacy of Innovation

I love my locs! The feel of their natural texture, the beauty, freedom, and styling versatility. For 25 years, I have worn my locs in so many styles, to name a few; in a bob, braided, twisted, Nubian knots, long down to my waist, short with an undercut, and my favorite curls, curls, curls!


When I began my loc journey, I was discouraged by family and friends who feared I would lose my "good corporate job" sporting such a bold, regal, and natural hairstyle. On the contrary, my locs were seen as different, presentable, and trendy. I did become a "corporate dropout," but it wasn't because of my hair. I followed the calling spirit to be an entrepreneur.


In recent years, the natural hair movement helped set off a resurgence in wearing locs. The hairstyle has been refined using various techniques like loc extensions and faux locs, making the look acceptable and popular with people of all races and backgrounds.


Like many women, my natural hair journey was challenged by the lack of hair products for grooming locs and natural hair. "Necessity" is the Mother of Invention, an old proverb says. That's true in my case. I wanted pretty curly locs, so out of a need for versatility, I invented Wrap-A-Loc. This amazing hairstyling tool has revolutionized how locs and natural hair are styled.


Wrap-A-Loc is a hair styling tool — and a technique — that creates curls, spirals, and waves on natural and loc'd hair. The tool can be worn undetectable in the hair as a style when applied wet or with holding spray by the individual or stylist. This dual-use is what sets it apart from other curling products like rollers, rods, or crafty pipe cleaners.


The hair can air dry (a dryer is optional). It takes about 40 tools (two packs) to get the quintessential Wrap-A-Loc look. When the tools are removed, curls blossom!


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