The “look” is Wrap-A-Loc. A new hair styling tool — and a technique — that creates a tight spiral curl on locked and natural hair. This amazing tool can be worn undetectable in the hair as a style and when removed, curls blossom.

I am Sistah Nandi, the inventor of this revolutionary hair styling tool, that will change the way we look at styling locs and natural hair. Unlike traditional styling tools, sponge rollers and perm rods, Wrap-A-Loc offers many options for locked hair – even when in the mist of styling it no covering the hair with a scarf or hat is ever required. When the tool is applied it creates a unique style and no one knows it’s in the hair except you and your stylist. When the tool is removed, you find beautiful soft, long lasting curly locs. The locs stay curly for days or until the hair is shampooed.

Using Wrap-A-Loc, you can take locked and natural hair to a new height of pride with creativity, flexibility and manageability. This site is your primary source for Wrap-A-Loc. You will find everything from workshops, hair affairs, photos, FAQ, hair facts to products. Check us out and see why Wrap-A-Loc is All The Rave!

Peace and Blessings,

Sistah Nandi


As Featured in Essence Magazine

September 2010

Highlighted in Black Beauty & Hair Magazine

Aug/Sept 2011 London, England

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"I truly loved the dual styling tool Wrap-A-Loc. My hair looked breathtaking. It surprised everyone.

My curls were long lasting and it was comfortable to wear."

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