The dual hair styling tool buying guide

Length of Hair Recommended Tool
Up to 8 inches of hair Wrap-A-Loc 20 Pack SM (3 inch tool)
Up to 15 inches of hair Wrap-A-Loc 20 Pack Med (6 inch tool)
Up to 23 inches of hair Wrap-A-Loc 20 Pack Lg (10 inch tool)
Wrap-A-Loc allows you to create dramatic or subtle, wild or mild, wavy or curly styles. Wrap-A-Loc is the most effective tool yet for crafting eye-catching, easy to maintain, curls on locked and permed hair. Here are some of its main features:


The tool is soft and bendable
Packaged in sizes small (3 inches), medium (6 inches) or large (10 inches). The size used depends on length of hair.


The tool can be applied to natural, relaxed, and pressed hair.
Unlocked hair is two strand twisted, then wrapped with the tool (approx. 60-80 tools).
The hair style can be extended by leaving the tool in and wearing it as a style. When the tool is removed you have beautiful waves and spiral curls. The alternative to a straw set.


The Wrap-A-Loc comes in jet black.

Easy to apply

Stylists or individuals can apply Wrap-A-Loc.
The tool can be applied to wet hair or can be used with styling gel.


Hair dries naturally (hair dryer optional).
The tool can be applied at any time, which means that your hair style can change at any time. No waiting. No hassle.