What is Wrap-A-Loc ? How does Wrap-A-Loc work ?

Wrap-A-Loc is a hair styling tool and a technique that creates tight spiral curls on all hair
textures. The tool can be worn in the hair as a style when applied with setting lotion or

The tool can be used on all hair types; natural, relaxed/permed, or naturally
straight hair. Wrap-A-Loc can also be used on extensions, as long as the extensions are

How many locs can be used per tool ?

You can wrap 2-4 locs on each tool depending on the thickness of your hair.

How does Wrap-A-Loc work ?
Can the tool be used on Sisterlocks ?
  • Yes, Wrap-A-Loc can be used on sisterlocks.
  • If you have sisterlocks you can wrap 5-6 locks on one tool.
What size Wrap-A-Loc should I purchase?
Up to 8 inches of hair Wrap-A-Loc 20 Pack SM (3 inch tool)
Up to 15 inches of hair Wrap-A-Loc 20 Pack Med (6 inch tool)
Up to 23 inches of hair Wrap-A-Loc 20 Pack Lg (10 inch tool)
What is the estimated time to complete Wrap-A-Loc ?
  • Typically it takes an estimated time of 2 hours to apply Wrap-A-Loc to the hair. The time frame however may vary depending on how much hair you have.
Is Wrap-A-Loc Reusable?

Yes, the products are reusable.

Does the tool have to be applied by a professional stylist ?

No, you have the choice to either apply Wrap-A-Loc yourself or get it applied by a professional.

How many packs of Wrap-A-Loc would I need to purchase?
  • Usually the average person needs 2 packs.
  • If the tool is too short, you can always twist the ends of the tools to each other so that they could connect and create a much longer tool.
Do you sell the large size Wrap-A-Loc in a bundle?

Unfortunately, we do not offer the large size tool in a bundle.

If the product is out of stock can I still make a purchase for it?

Yes, once the product is back in stock all orders will be sent out at the same time.

When traveling with Wrap-A-Loc in my hair, will there be any problems with TSA?

No, your Wrap-A-Loc should be fine. There shouldn’t be any problems with the TSA, if the metal detectors do go off, you would not be asked to remove your tools.

Does the tool have heating properties?

No, once the tool is applied you have the choice to sit under a dryer to expedite the set or you may air dry.

My Mesh Glamour Bag has ripped.
  • We apologize that this has happened to your bag, as a courtesy we will process the shipment of another bag if the bag was ripped before you received it, however, if you ripped the bag on your own you would need to purchase another bag.
  • As soon as we process your shipment for the new bag we will send you the confirmation number.
  • Please send an email explaining what happened and what caused the bag to break or tear.
I received the wrong size tool by accident! I ordered one size tool but got another!
  • We apologize for shipping out the wrong package and will fix that right away.
  • We will replace the wrong item with the correct item you placed an order for.
  • We will send you an additional email with your return label for the item that was improperly shipped.
Do you offer wholesale?
Yes! Send us an email and we will forward you our wholesale order form.