About Wrap-A-Loc and its inventor,
Natural Hair Care Culturist Sonya Nandi Gilkey
“When your sistah is your hair dresser, you don’t need no mirror”
African Proverb

Meet a sistah whose creativity and ingenuity with natural hair have endeared her to hundreds of naturally-coiffed clients around the country and paved the way for the invention of the amazing Wrap-A-Loc Dual Hair Styling Tool

The Beginning
Since she was 12 years old, Sonya Nandi Gilkey has been working magic with hair and hairstyles. By age 15, she had a reputation as a master street stylist in her hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana. She went on to earn a B.S. degree in Speech Communications and Theatre from Tennessee State University and a master’s degree in Journalism at Indiana University.

Nandi worked in newspaper and TV journalism in the Tampa Bay area. To serve the community, she co-founded the Nzinga Rites of Passage mentoring program for girls.

Meanwhile, she never stopped working those heads. When a girlfriend came into town, a hairdo was always part of the bonding. When a young friend needed a special do for a school program, Sistah Nandi got the call. By being of service to others, especially those transitioning from chemically-mistreated hair to natural hair, Sistah Nandi kept alive her gift for gracing heads with beautiful styles.

In 2001, while looking for new ways to style her own locs, Sistah Nandi discovered Wrap-A-Loc and soon began sharing it with close friends. Later, with the encouragement of the ancestors, her husband Glenn Gilkey, her sons and a close circle of advisors in business and product development, Sistah Nandi took her talents to the marketplace. She tested her Wrap-A-Loc at the 2004 World Natural Hair Health & Beauty Show in Atlanta and the buzz was loud. From that one weekend, Sistah Nandi has built a client base that cannot do without her Wrap-A-Loc created style.