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Versatility & Style


We Get It

Versatility & Style


– New Products –

Wrap-A-Loc styling tools

  • Wrap-A-Loc 20 Pack SM

  • Wrap-A-Loc 20 Pack M

  • Wrap-A-Loc 20 Pack LG

  • Wrap-A-Loc 80 Medium Bundle

  • Hair Libation Holding Spray

  • Hair Libation / 2 x Wrap-A-Loc Bundle

  • Hair Libation / Wrap-A-Loc Bundle

  • 3 x Hair Libation Bundle


to all hair

Get The Look!

Wrap-A-Loc is a hair styling tool — and a technique — that creates tight spiral curls on all hair textures. The tool can be worn in the hair as a style when applies with water or setting lotion by the individual or stylist. It takes about 40 tools (two packs) to get the quintessential Wrap-A-Loc look. This amazing tool has revolutionized curling and styling locs and natural hair! 

– Rewards –

2018 Beauty Supply Institute’s Manufacturer of The Year

After hosting a Wrap-A-Loc Workshop, I found the technique to be “right on time”. Many of my clients have been wearing locs for many years and are now looking for fresh styling options. We now have a Wrap-A-Loc Specialist in house, who focuses on the service and the clients have been very pleased with the results.

Ansylla Ramsey

My Hairitage Holistic Hair Care, Maryland

Just wanted to say how much me and my customers love the product! I cannot keep it on my shelf. The customers love the way the curls transition as the days goes by and the versatility of style they have when they use Wrap-A-Loc. Love it and speak highly of it – [will] always refer it to others. Avalon Williams

Celebrity Unisex Salon, Toronto

– Wraploc Videos –

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